Dead Zone

It feels quiet online.  Everyone must be gearing up for the Super Bowl.   I’ve been invited to a gathering but like most social occasions will skip out on it.  You see Netflix released House of Cards starring Kevin Spacey.  The show chronicles the lives of congressmen.  It’s rare for me to give a shit about politicians.   Yet as I write this I remember dreams involving two presidents.

Countless times, George W. Bush made an appearance.   As much as I had, at the time, detested the man, in the dream, Bush showed his vulnerability.   He cried when discussing the pain he might have inflicted upon the world.   He laughed appropriately.   Upon each awakening, I wondered if in this realm we’d get along.

A few days after New Year’s, I dreamed of Obama.   In the dream, he showed his musical side.  He sang and danced.   Together, we celebrated economic improvement.

I haven’t forgotten the analysis of the unfinished script titled Descent.  I am, however, working on something big.   Not a script.  Yes, a novel but I speak of something else.  A rewarding career.   Once this has been fully formulated, I’ll share what that is.

Happy Superbowl Day!