The Publish Button

There’s a deep inner need to publish…right away, that is.   It’s as if the idea already created in WordPress, saved, locked away from vultures, cannot remain in draft format.   Why not let the idea sit there, collect a little bit of digital dust?   Do I fear the idea, after a good night’s rest, will become nullified?  That my Scorpio stingers will emit a toxic ray into the piece, tear it down, leave the page empty again.  God forbid empty pages appear out of nowhere!  Do they all need to be filled?

Starting now, that little blue publish button on WordPress will be on lock-down.  I guarantee that the words before you will have sat overnight.  Call it slow cook publishing.  It gives my mind to catch up with my wild soul.  It is my soul that writes.  My mind that edits.

What has not edited though is the last bit of the unfinished screenplay titled Descent, directly below.  I’ll go into an analysis on this script in a future post.   Right now, I’d like to thank the Gods, the Muses, the creative forces above, below and elsewhere for aiding the scriptwriting process.  Sure the concept is a bit immature but had it not been for this script, it’s likely there would be no blog.   I’m looking forward to hearing thoughts on where this script could go, if anywhere.   Are the characters interesting?  What confuses you?  What do you need more of?  Ahh!  Here it is…

              EXT. LOG CABIN - DAY

               Will lifts a floorboard off the porch.   Reaches his hand

               Nearby, a rifle is cocked.   Kate points the gun in Will's

                         Looking for this?

                         Oh God, Kate.  I was coming to look
                         for you.

                         With a rifle?

                         Well, that was just in case...

               Kate lowers the rifle.  Hands it to Will.

                         You see, Will, we are nothing
                         alike.  Knowing you, you'd show up
                         with a loaded rifle and then blow
                         my brains out.   Go ahead.  Shoot

               Will places the rifle underneath the porch.  Covers it with
               the loose floorboard.

                         No.  Damian will be here soon.   He
                         needs your help. 


                         His friend, Charlie, got injured. 
                         How's your aunt?

               Kate withdraws a cigarette.  Lights it.  Takes a few puffs.

                         Not well.

                         Can I see her?


                         We've become friends.

                         As friendly as you were with my

                         They're here!

               Damian pushes through the thicket.  Charlie, unconscious,
               draped over Damian's shoulder.

               Kate runs toward Damian.  The two lower Charlie to the

                         You should have left him where you
                         found him.

                         Did what I thought was right.

               Kate pushes Damian out of the way.

                         Leave me.  I'll be alright.

               INT/EXT. LOG CABIN - DAY

               Will cracks open a beer.

               Damian grabs the bottle of beer from the youth.

                         You crazy?   Kate's right outside.


               Damian peers out the window.  Observes Kate tending to the
               unconscious Charlie.

                         So, she's a stickler.  She sees you
                         with that beer and you'll be back
                         on the mainland in some sort of

                         I'll probably wind up there anyhow.


               Will reaches for the bottle of beer.

                         Give me a sip.

                         A sip.

               Damian clutches the bottle as Will takes a sip.

               Thirst quenched, Will takes a seat on the bed.

                         I need you to distract Kate.

                         C'mon!  What the hell you gonna do?

                         Pay a visit to Mrs. Argrove.

                         No.  Not while Kate is here.

                         You kissing Kate's ass.

                         I'm protecting you.

               Kate rushes through the front door.

                         This isn't looking good.   We need
                         to get him back to the mainland.

                         What's wrong with him?

                         I don't know.  But he needs a
                         doctor.  Badly!

4 thoughts on “The Publish Button

  1. It’s a great idea to let your posts accumulate some digital dust. Every now and then, a post may feel spontaneously right and apropos and the Merciful One spared you of the Arian impulsiveness so you’d definitely know when you know. 10-4 on mind and soul. The script has a lot of heart but I am confused about its passage of time: is this story linear or non-linear with respect to time? The characters are very well described and I instantly took an impression of Will, Damian, and Charlie. Further development of the women characters would be great. The island/mainland schism could be fun to proceed with. It is a fun, cohesive story, and therefore would be fun to produce and direct with the right people. My opinion is that the best is yet to come with your writing whether you choose to advance this script or not.

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