Unwanted House Guests

Theses unwanted house guests shield themselves as love but really they are pariahs.   They just appear.  Looking back, you wonder if you invited them in?   Maybe a little…life can be lonely sometimes.   Boy, how nice it is,though, to be alone.  Do things your way.   They, however, argue that everything you do is wrong. You calmly tell them they’re not seeing things right.   No, they insist, it’s you who is seeing everything wrong.  But we love you, they add, and you’re not alone.   Well, if I wasn’t alone, then why the fuck do I feel so alone?

Time to clean house.   Push these unwanted house guests to the porch, to the lawn.   Hell, I don’t care where they go.  Just leave me be.   Let me fill my space with my loving energy.   I will win here.   It’s in my cards.

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