The Girl With No Lunch

The little girl went to school without lunch.   She cried all day long as the children around her chomped on their apples and buttered biscuits.  The teachers offered her nibbles of their sandwiches but nothing could calm the little girl down.

At school’s end, everyone was glad to see poor Tabitha depart.   Everyone except Arthur Dresmanian.   He found a beauty in Tabitha.   Something so freeing in the tears and its accompanied wailing.

The years that followed, Arthur fell so deeply in love with Tabitha, all he could do was stutter in her company.   By seventeen years of age, she had enough of his silly ways.

“What is it with you, Arthur?”

“Nu-nu-nothing.  Yu-you?”

“You hate me?  Do I scare you?”

“Nu-nu-no.  Wu-why?”

The only cure for Arthur’s irritating stuttering, she realized, was to kiss him.  She lodged her lips upon his, pushing Arthur against the cold lockers.  Seconds later, she pulled away asking, “Now, how do you feel?”

He responded with a kiss.   Never again did Arthur stutter.   Never again did Arthur speak as he fell deep into Tabitha’s mouth.  Her canines tearing him apart.  Blood dribbling down her chin.  She raced to the bathroom only to be stopped mid-way by Principal Hayes, an old curmudgeon.  “Where do you think you’re going?”

She pointed to the blood on her chin.

“What happened?  Forgot your lunch again?”

Tabitha nodded.

Hayes sighed, extracting a miniature notepad from his back pocket, “Alright, who was it this time?”

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