Been awhile

Readers, it’s been way too long.   In these 24-hour blocks there are only so many things that can be accomplished.   Posting this one entry seems like a feat unto itself.

What have I been doing, you might ask.   Working on the Amanda piece.  At first, I thought, I’d publish the Amanda stories without discussing it.   Now, I realize it’s becoming a novel.   The next segment to be posted is the end of Chapter One.  This I’ll give you. Anything after that, you might have to wait till it comes out in hardcover.

Yesterday, I started an essay detailing the most bizarre four years of my life working at a traumatic brain injury facility.   January 30th marks the one-year anniversary since I last stepped foot into that building.   Once written, maybe I’ll shit in a cup, celebrate with a jar of pennies, who the fuck knows.

My moments away from the writing pad/computer are focused on reading and searching for paid work.  The latter proves to be such a nightmare.   Ugh, just thinking about this triggers me.