Bermuda Triangle of Communication

I need a documentary filmmaker to follow me around.   Nobody in their right mind would believe some of the shit that goes down. The gist of it…there’s a Bermuda Triangle of communication, where emails and phone calls just obliterate.   Some examples.   The one minute plus film I made a few days ago, I had submitted to something called Artist Strike.   Thrice, they were contacted but heard nothing back.   Not even a simple, “Thank you for the submission but this doesn’t match what we’re looking for.” Another example, I’m in the process of producing a video for a local sports supplement store.   Put an ad on craigslist for a bodybuilder.   It’s been up for several weeks now.  Finally, one individual emailed me at four in the morning with a photograph.   Looked perfect, so I responded.   He, like all my correspondents, disappeared.

This is no longer angering to me.  It’s totally absurd.   Since I can’t film this myself (without some odd contraption, that I don’t have, attached to my body) I urge a documentary (or mockumentary) filmmaker to contact me.   Email me at

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